Making small changes can save you big money on your wedding day

HOUSTON, Texas (WPVI) -- Summer wedding season is around the corner. Are you still ironing out the details for your big day or maybe planning a wedding for later this year or next? Don't break the bank!

Wedding planners say you can definitely tweak your budget in ways that don't involve DIY projects.

Don't get married on a Saturday. You will save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars by choosing Friday or Sunday. These days could be up to 25 percent off compared to a Saturday event.

Choose a restaurant for the venue. Luxury wedding planner Natalie Dawley says it's a big money saver compared to other locations. You won't need to rent a lot of items since they are typically already in-house at a restaurant. Restaurants also don't typically charge a rental fee but do have a food and beverage minimum.

Save money on stationary but don't sacrifice quality. Choose a flat print instead of letter engraving. For high style and a low cost, check out vendors on Etsy who will create custom stationary.

Finally, to save a lot of money choose a late morning or noon start time for your event. You won't need to serve alcohol and the food is much more affordable.
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