Discounts and deals exclusively for students

Textbooks and tuition aside, being a student can get expensive. The good news is - students can get significant savings by taking advantage of discounts exclusively for them.

Whether it's electronics or clothes or transportation, students can get deals on all kinds of things these days.

At Madewell, Banana Republic and J. Crew stores it's just a matter of flashing a student ID card to get a 15% discount.

At Apple, a student ID or acceptance letter will get you $200 off your purchase, either in the store or online. But for a lot of other merchants there can be a hitch.

"For quite a few of the online discounts we found you have to join a student discount program. Fortunately, at least one we found was free," said Sarah Robbins from Consumer Reports.

The free Unidays service gives you discounts on online purchases at Claire's, Urban Outfitters, Levi's and many other sites.

Students can also get 10% off on Amtrak on tickets purchased online or 20% on Greyhound tickets purchased either online or in person.

But you'll need to pay to join the Student Advantage Discount program that offers those discounts.

"The Student Advantage Discount costs $22.50 for the first year. But you might be able to make that back with all the savings you can get with it," said Robbins.

On, you'll see a long list of discounts at popular movie theaters, hotels, and shoe stores among others.

And for the very lucky who will take a new car to college, the General Motors College Discount Program offers discounts for new car purchases and leases. The amount depends on the model you buy but most are eligible.

GMC will also give the new car discount to those who have graduated within the last two years.

Teachers and graduate students may also qualify for some of these discounts, including those at J.Crew, Banana Republic, Madewell and the Apple store.
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