Naked photos get students in trouble at Texas high school

SPRING, TX -- A group of girls at a Texas high school sent naked pictures of themselves to several boys on campus. Now everyone involved is in trouble, according to the school district.

Joe Perez is in the 10th grade at Klein Oak and says he received naked pictures of girls. But he claims he didn't forward them to anyone else.

"Three of the girls got together and told the principal that their photos have been going everywhere and they wanted it to stop, I guess," Joe said.

Joe's mom, Miranda Brown, kept him home Thursday out of frustration with the school. She says his cell phone record proves he didn't share any photos and that the school administration wants to send her son to an alternative school for 30 days.

"At this point I think the only thing he's in violation of is receiving the picture and having it on his phone," Brown said.

So should a kid be punished for receiving an inappropriate picture? KTRK legal analyst Joel Androphy says no.

"The discipline should start with the young ladies and it should end with the people who transmitted the photo," Androphy explained. "You should not be disciplining the students who just kept it or deleted it."

According to Klein ISD, "There is an ongoing investigation at Klein Oak High School regarding inappropriate student photos that were shown and or forwarded while on campus. Klein ISD will take appropriate disciplinary action for any students who are found to have violated the student code of conduct."

Androphy's best advice for students who may receive these types of photos in the future is simple.

"Delete it," he said. "But the more you keep it on your phone, the more you do with it, the more trouble you can get in."

Something else to keep in mind, if the girls are minors and a boy who forwards those pictures is 18, the boy could be charged with child pornography.

Klein ISD issued the following additional statement:
    "Sometimes children make poor choices in life. Consequences for those poor choices are designed to train them to think prior to making those choices before they become adults and the consequences can be much more severe. We held a Student Leadership Summit last month and the motto was THINK before you Post on Social Media. Is it True?, Is it Helpful?, Is it Inspiring?, Is it Necessary?, Is it Kind? Our hope is that all students involved and those that hear about this unfortunate situation will THINK in the future before they participate in something they know in their heart in not appropriate."
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