CA family thought they mistakenly got Taylor Swift tickets, turned out to be 'commemorative items'

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Saturday, May 20, 2023
6 Taylor Swift VIP commemorative items delivered to wrong address
Many want to be a VIP to a Taylor Swift concert. One lucky family got the chance after VIP commemorative items were sent to their house by mistake.

Tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert are hard to get.

A California family was baffled when they thought a package delivered to their door was a VIP pack of those coveted tickets to Swift's "The Eras Tour" concert.

However, after further investigation, ABC News was informed those were not actual tickets but instead "commemorative items" that came with a purchase of VIP tickets.

The mom says she is now working to track down the person who actually ordered them.

"Of course my 19-year-old daughter is excited but I'm like, 'They don't belong to us. We need to find the correct people'."