ManeStreem app brings beauty salon to your door

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Whether you're super busy, a stay at home super-parent, or someone always scrambling to make a last-minute beauty appointment - there's an app for that.

It's called ManeStreem and it was developed and launched right here in Philadelphia.

Nancy Santiago Negron is the ultimate multitasker. She's a chief external affairs officer for a financial non-profit and travels to Washington, D.C. for appointments in the White House.

So you can imagine it's kind of hard to squeeze in beauty appointments.

"And the days I might be able to get to a salon, they are closed or there is no appointment available. So what do you do? This is perfect," she said.

As the ManeStreem artist gets to work, Negron is getting her own work done right there in her Old City office.

ManeStreem launched 4 months ago. It's the brainchild of Santos Gonzalez, who says he wanted to give people their time back.

The professionals are on demand and will meet you wherever in 45 minutes or less.

"We have boardrooms, we have people's homes, condo buildings. Someone flew in from Chicago and ordered a mani/pedi at the airport," said Santos.

Stylist Kathy Tsakiris says she gets A lot of calls during nap times!

"Stay at home moms - they love it because they can't leave with their kid so it's easy for them," she said.

For attorney Alan Zieger, time is money and at his Center City law firm, he's squeezing it in minutes before that meeting.

"It would just add additional stress on my day to get this done," he said.

As for the sytlists, George Bruno says he can pretty much run a mobile salon on his smartphone.

"There's no third party booking my appointments. Its literally is beauty and grooming on demand," he said.

ManeStreem is currently up and running in 22 U.S. cities.

And if you prefer the feel of a real salon, by the middle of march, you can use it to book that too.

The ManeStream app can be downloaded in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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