RECAP: Drama-filled pool party for Joey pits Maria vs. Sydney on 'The Bachelor'

ByJennifer Matarese and Gina Sirico OTRC logo
Tuesday, February 6, 2024
Joey tries to figure out the drama between Sydney and Maria on The Bachelor
After Sydney spoke to him, "Bachelor" Joey speaks to Maria about the drama in the house.

This week, Joey hoped to nip the drama in the bud by going straight to the source - the women. But, before we could get to that, Jesse Palmer, 44, (does anyone else think it's funny they give his age now?) congratulated the remaining 18 women for making it through.

He dropped off the first date card and it read, "Edwina, Kelsey A., Lexi, Allison, Madina, Chrissa, Lea, Sydney, Maria, I'm looking for my Mrs. Right, Love, Joey." Sydney said she was not thrilled with the fact that Maria was on the date with her.

Group Date #1

The women met Joey at a theater where "The Golden Bachelor" stars April, Susan, Kathy, and Nancy. "If you're ASKN, we're telling." Buckle your seatbelt, they're having a pageant. They had to find outfits for fit wear, a Q&A, and a talent show. We didn't get to see much of the prep - they just went right to the show. But look out Sydney was in the Miss Teen USA Massachusetts pageant. They playfully modeled their loungewear and then had to answer questions from ASKN. The golden ladies asked a lot of funny, sexy questions, and they all did a great job with their answers although Lexi really had a heartfelt one.

Gina: I just love the ASKN ladies and I hope they continue to drop in on future contestants' group dates. I wish we would have seen more of them.

As for talents, Edwina sang a cute song, Madina did some gymnastics, Allison showed off her basketball skills, Chrissa attempted to play the trumpet, Maria danced, and then Sydney did a cheerleader routine. It fell pretty flat. Lexi decided to show off her kissing skills on Joey. That was bold! The other women looked on in horror! But, ASKN thought it was hilarious. In the end, Lexi was the winner!

Gina: While she may not win a Grammy any time soon, Edwina's song was a hit in my opinion! Lexi's kissing ploy was smart Bachelor play. As for Sydney, I'm not exactly surprised that the girl who bragged the most about her pageantry skills had a swing and a miss.

Group Date #1 Cocktail Party

Lea and Edwina thought that Joey was unfair in who he picked as the winner in the pageant because she just kissed him as her talent. What they are failing to recognize is that all of that really doesn't matter. He likely doesn't want to be bothered with "fairness" when it's more about feelings. Joey said he and the ladies picked Lexi because of how much she went out of her comfort zone. During their time talking, they put her "talent" to use.

Joey asked Madina about why she was so uncomfortable during the last rose ceremony and said he could "be her safe space." She told Joey about the age drama and told him that she felt like she was being bullied. She didn't rat out Maria, so that was surprising and a good move on her part. Joey told the women that if there's drama he wants to know what's up, but then grabbed the date rose and offered it to Kelsey A.

Then, he went back to asking about the drama, but no one said anything and Joey left. Madina fessed up and said that she had talked to Joey, and then Maria tried to figure out how she was a bully. Sydney inserted herself in the conversation again and Maria told her to stop talking. She said that she really would like to apologize to Madina, and Sydney kept saying that Madina was her girl and someone was talking about her friend. The whole thing was so incredibly silly. Allison said she doesn't think that Maria is a bully. Sydney was like if anyone wants to join me in walking away, I'm leaving. She walked away all alone. Girl.

Gina: Maybe keep walking, Sydney? That she is making such a big deal out of something that was already resolved by Madina and Maria is beyond frustrating. I'm glad that Joey told the ladies that he isn't one for drama. Sydney must have missed that part. She'll be a ton of fun on Bachelor in Paradise, right?

Back at the house, Edwina clued in the other women about the situation and she said she supports Maria and she isn't a bully. Madina reiterated that she doesn't think Maria is a bully either but she just felt bullied in the incident. Maria said let's just be good, leave Sydney out of it.

Jenn's One-on-One Date

The date card read, "Jenn, love is a wild ride, Joey." He took her out for a slice of his real life where they pick out surfing gear and go surfing! He said he loves the beach and wants to share that with someone special. They did a "cheers" with some beers on the beach and when he didn't look her in the eye she told him, "7 years of bad sex if you don't look someone in the eyes when you cheers!" He laughed and said well, he's in trouble then, ha!

They hit the waves and he was a great instructor to her. Joey helped Jenn surf, but they also shared some very romantic moments kissing in the ocean. "It's easy with her," he said. Joey added that he could see them driving around with boards on the top and kids in the van. How sweet is that?

Later, they had a romantic dinner where it was clear their feelings had grown. Jenn shared with Joey that her parents fought a lot and that it was a tough place to grow up. She said she felt like she was not worth anything and was just lost. "I have always felt unwanted by my dad," she said. "I never felt truly loved." Aw! That's so heartbreaking. Her dad is not in her life anymore. Joey felt terrible for Jenn and really sympathized with her. Joey asked Jenn to take a walk where they watched a laser show ask her if she would accept the date rose! She said yes! He asked her what she thought it would say and she said, "Marry me? But it's a bit early you think?" He laughed and then gave her the rose. They make a cute couple!

Gina: SO cute I like this couple together. When I spoke with Jenn on the paintball group date, she mentioned that she felt their morals and values aligned, and seeing them on this date really showcased how well they matched up. Jenn's one to watch!

Group Date #2

The date card read, "Katelyn, Autumn, Rachel, Daisy, Evalin, Kelsey T., Starr, Jess, I'm done playing singles. Love, Joey. When the women arrived, Joey was showing off his sick tennis slamming skills. Tennis stars Pam Shriver and James Blake were there on the date to help instruct the women and teach them some new things. After a little practice, Jesse Palmer arrived and announced they would be playing tennis against each other in "The Bachelor Open." They had to wear silly costumes! Kelsey T. and Evalin won the first open dressed as lobster and butter. It was very reminiscent of the pickleball date on "The Golden Bachelor."

Gina: This date was a blast to watch and I love how all the girls were into it. 10/10, no notes!

Group Date #2 Cocktail Party

Katelyn said that Joey makes her feel butterflies after a long drought for her and her family. She said she has a family curse where all the women are single! Joey is such a great guy. He said it sounds like you are just surrounded by a bunch of strong, independent women! Do you love him now as much as I do?

Gina: I do! I do! I don't know that we've seen a Bachelor quite like Joey. He is kind, sensitive, caring, smart, empathetic and fun. He seems so self-assured and wants to make sure the women are having as great an experience as he is. It's easy for the lead to get wrapped up in all of it, but Joey hasn't. Gotta love that.

Rachel got her earring caught on Joey's sweater and a producer had to come in and help her get detached from him. She told him that he reminded her of her father. She says it's a goal to find someone who values her the way her dad values her mother. So sweet!

He said the good vibes from earlier in the day, ran through into the night. The women were all getting along with each other and Joey was making a lot of great connections. While Joey had his one-on-one time with Daisy, he played around with her cochlear implant and even got to detach it. However, in the end, Joey gave the group date rose to Katelyn!

Back in the Mansion

"I am not the drama," Sydney said back at the house. Sure. Ok. The women were happy to have fun together at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, but wait, Jesse Palmer arrived. Instead of a cocktail party, they're having a pool party! He said that Joey wanted to do something special, so they kicked the party off with KFC. Um, I guess this episode is sponsored by KFC. "Is this heaven," Daisy asked. Maybe not quite heaven. Joey and Rachel fed each other mac and cheese. This is the weirdest pool party. But at the same time, this is making me want some of their mashed potatoes, gravy, and biscuits.

Pool Party Drama

Sydney was creating drama in her head and saying she couldn't stand Maria who literally has said nothing about her or to her. She went and told Joey about how she calmly handled the drama. Haha. Joey said thanks for sharing that with me. He ran over and asked Maria to talk. He realizes after talking to Maria that he thinks she's telling the truth and that he should have asked more questions of Sydney. He's very confused.

Gina: First, still laughing at the KFC of it all. Second, I guess Sydney did not remember how Joey doesn't like drama. What WAS that? Does she think Maria is her biggest competitor and is trying to get her out? Did she just not get it through her head that whatever issue there was between Madina and Maria was RESOLVED? Come on!!

Rose Ceremony

1) Kelsey A. (group date rose)

2) Jenn (one-on-one date rose)

3) Katelyn (group date rose)

4) Lexi

5) Lea

6) Kelsey T.

7) Rachel

8) Madina

9) Daisy

10) Jess

11) Edwina

12) Autumn

13) Allison

14) Maria

15) Sydney

Oh boy, that ensures the drama will move on to next week.

Gina: I'm a little bummed Chrissa didn't go very far. She's one of the girls I met on the paintball group date and she has a really infectious energy. I think we'll see her again, likely on Bachelor in Paradise and I think she'll do well there.

Next Week

It's a two-night "Bachelor" event Monday and Tuesday! The drama continues between Sydney and Maria, so much so, that it appears they end up on a dreaded two-on-one date!

Gina: Bachelor Nation, stay for the end credit scene with Jesse Palmer. I promise you'll laugh out loud!

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