The Health Rover takes the anxiety out of covid-testing with their stress-free services

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Monday, February 22, 2021
COVID van comes to your home or business to provide testing
During the peak of the pandemic, when booking a COVID-19 test was nearly impossible, the owners of the Health Rover created a business to provide quick, safe, and easy results.

NORTHPORT, New York -- Whether it was a PCR or rapid test, making an appointment to seek COVID-19 results can be a hassle.

During the holidays, many had to wake up at the crack of dawn to put their names on a list to get a test.

The co-founders of The Health Rover noticed that when their family members tested positive, they had a hard time getting their hands on a test and had to wait several days before finding out their results.

"If we could do something about it geared more towards speed, efficiency, and safety to get more people access to testing," said Brian Murphy, a Co-Founder of The Health Rover.

Murphy, who has a background in finance, collaborated with his co-founders and created The Health Rover.

Their services include on-site, rapid screenings at the client's location staffed and performed by credentialed health care professionals.

They are gearing their screenings for film/television sets, cruise lines, airlines, schools, universities, concerts, surgery centers, towns, and municipalities, to name a few.

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"It's been very rewarding to be able to connect people to what matters most to them," said Jamie Titus, Director of Business Development. "Whether it's family, school, business, we're just trying to get back to normal. Creating access to this testing allowing people to move forward."

The company offers both rapid antigen and rapid P.C.R. nasal swab tests at their drive-thru locations as well as their concierge services.

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"No one is waiting in a line or a waiting room with potentially other sick patients, and that's why we are different," said Murphy. It is really the speed, the efficiency, and the safety."


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