Philadelphia woman turns tragedy into passion for art to share with the community

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- Dreaming of New York was a favorite pastime of Kenyan-born Bhavisha Patel. She always wanted to work there as a lawyer. Sure enough, she got her wish.

But while she was in her 20s, she experienced a terrible accident on her way to work. Falling onto the train tracks, she shattered her femur and required multiple surgeries.

She was told she may not walk again. Today, the avid artist and marathon runner laughs at that.

She discovered painting during her long recovery. Even when she was able to return to work, she never wanted to stop making art. So, she made it her full-time career.

Today, she lives on Naudain Street, one of many roads that stitch together the city of Philadelphia. But it also connects many local artists who collaborate in a special way.

Six years ago, she organized this local talent into the "Naudain Art Collaborative," which helps artists network, enhance their skills, and showcase their work. Noting the difficulty in sharing and selling art, Patel hopes to be a resource for new and developing talent.

With this mission in mind, she frequently opens her home to the public to enjoy a community art gallery. This weekend, locals can enjoy visiting the spring show at her house on 25th and Naudain Streets.

Bhavisha Patel is proud to display her "Elephant in the Room" paintings this weekend. She bridges her past and present by painting elephants in atypical places such as Philadelphia and New York. She hopes that the juxtaposition will make city residents connect with a greater goal to preserve the precious gifts of life on the Earth.

To learn more, visit her website.

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