Operation 6abc: Save a Life Fire Safety Campaign

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Create Your Escape

Develop a home escape plan

Draw a map of each floor of your home including all doors and windows

Identify two ways out of every room

Set a goal: Get outside within two minutes

Keep your plan on your refrigerator

Practice regularly and include pets

Close Before You Doze

Close your door every night before you go to sleep


Helps prevent fire or smoke from spreading into your room

Gives you the opportunity to feel the temperature of the door with the back of your hand before opening

Cold --> Open cautiously, look, close door behind you

Hot --> Keep closed, cover vents and door cracks, call 911

Clear Your Gear
Ensure windows, doorways, and all pathways are always free of clutter


Helps firefighters move through the area quickly

Items in disarray may cause injuries if smoke is obscuring vision

Can potentially cause a fire if clutter is close to a heat source

Check to Detect
Test smoke alarms regularly

Replace batteries when:


Light goes off or turns red

Replace entire alarm when:

Over 10 years old


Save A Life TODAY

Philadelphia residents can call 311 for smoke alarms and installation help. Residents outside of Philadelphia should contact their local fire station.