Operation 6abc: Save a Life Fire Safety Campaign

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Space heaters can save money, but they can be a fire hazard in hiding. Cecily Tynan has safety tips to reduce the risk at home.

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Heating a home can be hazardous. Sharrie Williams has a few fire safety tips.

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Families are working for home. Fire safety can be overlooked. Adam Joseph has a few fire safety tips.

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When you take the time to prepare your home with working fire equipment, it makes a firefighter's job safer. Practice fire safety to protect your family.

Early warning is critical for home fires. So don't wait until it's too late.

Create Your Escape
Develop a home escape plan
• Draw a map of each floor of your home including all doors and windows
• Identify two ways out of every room
• Set a goal: Get outside within two minutes
• Keep your plan on your refrigerator
• Practice regularly and include pets

Close Before You Doze

Close your door every night before you go to sleep

• Helps prevent fire or smoke from spreading into your room
• Gives you the opportunity to feel the temperature of the door with the back of your hand before opening
• Cold --> Open cautiously, look, close door behind you
• Hot --> Keep closed, cover vents and door cracks, call 911

Clear Your Gear
Ensure windows, doorways, and all pathways are always free of clutter

• Helps firefighters move through the area quickly
• Items in disarray may cause injuries if smoke is obscuring vision
• Can potentially cause a fire if clutter is close to a heat source

Check to Detect
Test smoke alarms regularly

Replace batteries when:
• Beeping
• Light goes off or turns red
Replace entire alarm when:
• Over 10 years old
• Yellowing

Save A Life TODAY
Philadelphia residents can call 311 for smoke alarms and installation help. Residents outside of Philadelphia should contact their local fire station.
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