Next Olympic Sport, Climbing, comes to PA!

BRIDGEPORT, Pa. -- Climbing is reaching new heights around the world, and this weekend, it will be in our area!

Hundreds of competitors from across the country flocked to Reach Climbing and Fitness in Bridgeport. Throughout the weekend, they are setting records and qualifying for future events.

One of them is Jordan Fishman from Colorado, who set the new national record for Male Youth A speed climbing at 6.32 seconds.

The route, or layout, of the speed climbing walls is uniform in every competition. This gives athletes a chance to memorize the movements and execute with their fastest times.

Morale in the climbing community is high as the sport will make its Olympic debut next year in Tokyo, Japan. The 2020 Olympics will introduce the various forms of climbing to viewers around the world.

To learn more about USA Climbing or Reach Climbing and Fitness, visit their sites.