Universities explain how Title IX extends far beyond sports

Title IX was created to ensure equal opportunities for women, but it protects a much broader group, including men.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Title IX created opportunities for a number of women, especially in sports, but that's only one side of the landmark law.

"When you think about gender equity in terms of Title IX, it is about having equitable access to educational opportunities," said Temple University Title IX Coordinator Andrea Seiss.

Title IX ensures that programs equally help women and men.

"It's making sure the individuals are harassed or discriminated against or kept from doing things based on their gender or their gender identity," said Seiss.

That includes everything from program funding and job opportunities, to serious incidents as detailed by Rutgers University Camden Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator Allison Wisniewski.

"Harassment, stalking, bullying, all the way up to sexual assault," she said.

Wisniewski says Rutgers University Camden and other universities have increasingly put a focus on Title IX.

"Our role is to make sure every student is aware. And to know they're not alone, and that we're here to help them," she said.

Any educational institution that receives federal funding must abide by Title IX.

"The ultimate penalty is you can have your financial aid withdrawn which will impact a great deal of schools," said Leah Reynolds, who works for the parent company of the Association of Title IX Administrators. That company keeps businesses and schools up-to-date on training.

"Whatever an operation entails with respect to equity, gender equity, and sex-based equity, Title IX will cover that," said Reynolds.

Title IX was created to ensure equal opportunities for women, but today it protects a much broader group, including men.

"We have men who come forward and say there's been an issue, and we work with them, of course," Reynolds said.

The LGBTQ+ community is also increasingly a part of the Title IX conversation especially when it comes to trans and non-binary students.

"The more we talk about it, the more we talk about effective ways to address it and get supports in place," said Seiss.

Temple University urges any of its students, faculty or staff who need help to contact the Title IX office which can be found online here: https://diversity.temple.edu/title-ix/about-title-ix

Rutgers University Camden offers help for its students, faculty and staff through its Title IX office, which can be found online here: https://respect.camden.rutgers.edu/contact
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