Tom Hanks talks to Alicia Vitarelli about his latest film 'Finch'

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Tom Hanks' latest film "Finch" leaves him stranded after surviving an apocalypse, with only his dog and a robot.

I had a chance to chat with Hanks about the film and how timely it all feels.

Although production wrapped before the pandemic, the premise does feel a little familiar.

It's a powerful, feel good story of one man's fight for survival, along with his dog and a robot named Jeff.

No stranger to playing alongside pets and objects, like say, a volleyball, Hanks says this was dream.

"I have to say as a selfish actor, and I am a selfish, competitive actor, when I read this and saw it was going to be me, a dog and a robot, I just thought, 'Okay, wow, that's gonna be a blast,'" he said.

"I knew it would be lonely sometimes, but if I can get in with that dog, it would be great. It was just him and me for the duration of the film and it was the high country I think about that dog almost every day to this day."

"Game of Thrones" director Miguel Sapochnik says Jeff, the robot, almost becomes like a son to Finch. And at the heart, this is a family film.

"The simplest thing that I could imagine is this idea that a father and a son go to see this movie and on the way home, they have a hug," said Sapochnick. "If that could happen, I think it will make a difference."

"Finch" is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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