Community litter crew picks up PPE trash scattered across their neighborhood

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020
'Town Litter Crew' picks up PPE trash in Long Island
Since the coronavirus pandemic, used masks, gloves, and other PPE equipment that hasn't been disposed of properly has been washing up in the town of South Hampton. Now the town is taking action by creating its own litter crew to clean up the mess the coronavirus has created.

SOUTH HAMPTON, New York -- Wearing gloves, masks, and other PPE equipment has become the new normal when it comes to protecting yourself from exposure to the coronavirus.

However, now that more people are using this protective equipment more and more trash has been washing up on the shores of the town of South Hampton.

"I think most people at this point have seen stuff laying out on the ground," said Ryan Murphy, South Hampton's Director of Public Safety. "I think it's just been an obvious problem for a lot of people when you go out shopping when you are going about the daily business you see gloves laying places you see masks laying places."

The town of South Hampton decided to combat this issue by creating its own 'Town Litter Crew' specifically targeting PPE pollution that has scattered across the community.

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The crew consists of six seasonal employees who will work full-time for the next two months picking up litter. The crew will complement litter removal efforts already performed by the highway, parks, and Community Preservation Fund departments.

The goal is to employ people who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Each member of the crew will earn $17 per hour.

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"You're making good money you're out there performing a valuable service for the community that you can be proud of at the end of the day," said Murphy. "You can say you contributed to the betterment of the town of South Hampton and you get to be outside in the summertime in a beautiful township on Long Island."

Litter will be brought to town transfer stations to be weighed and disposed of - and three, separate two-person crews will operate in targeted areas where litter has accumulated.

For more information about 'Town Litter Crew' you can visit the town of South Hampton's website.


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