Louisville, Kentucky conducting city wide treasure hunt

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (WPVI) -- The entire city of Louisville, Kentucky can take part in a real-life treasure hunt on Wednesday.

Twenty $100 bills will be hidden all over the city.

A company called Breakout Games says it's like an escape room that's breaking out of four walls.

Every half hour, participants get clues via text.

"We're going to be giving out those coordinates, so they will know the general location of where these things are, we're not going to give it to them right out, but you've got several hundred people searching for each of those $100 bills, we're going to hide them, it's going to be difficult," says Logan Abbott, General Manager of Breakout Games.

In the case of a standoff, there are spotters who will make the call.

They are holding 26 across the country, and even though they're being held on public property, they are not assuming responsibility for damage to personal or public property.
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