Tribbles Rabbit Rescue, Bunny Cafe help rabbits find a new home

ByWendy Daughenbaugh WPVI logo
Friday, September 8, 2023
Tribbles Rabbit Rescue, Bunny Cafe help rabbits find a new home
Tribbles Rabbit Rescue, Bunny Cafe are on a mission to help rescued rabbits find a new home.

MEDFORD LAKES, N.J. (WPVI) -- Inside what Valerie Bertsch calls her bunny cafe, there are about a dozen rabbits from Tribbles Rabbit Rescue.

Zeppy is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit whose senior person became too ill to care for him.

Rory is a Lion Head rabbit who met his mate, Charlotte, at the bunny cafe.

Charlotte, says Bertsch, is definitely dominant in the relationship and Rory, she says, couldn't be happier.

Bertsch, a realtor by trade, didn't set out to be a rabbit rescuer.

She says she just always wanted a rabbit so, for her 59th birthday, she decided a bunny would be her husband's gift to her.

But her bunny, adopted from a breeder, started behaving badly so Bertsch reached out to Lori Mills from Tribbles Rabbit Rescue for advice.

Turns out the bunny just needed to be spayed. Bertsch was so grateful for the help and advice, she asked Mills what she could do to return the favor. The answer? Foster a bunny.

That one rabbit led to another and another. Soon Bertsch had gone down the rabbit hole of rescue, converting the garage of her Medford Lakes home into a cafe for bunnies, what she calls a "Meet and Greet."

Tribbles Rabbit Rescue has about 100 bunnies looking for homes.

There's Scarlet and her mate, Boo, who has a perfectly symmetrical bat on his nose.

Moira and Alexis are a frightened mom and daughter duo, who would do well with someone who's patient and up for a challenge.

Matteo is an 8-month-old Mini Lop who was found on the side of the road in a crate.

Bertsch says the cafe desperately needs dedicated volunteers along with foster parents and adopters willing to bring a bunny into their homes.

She touts their virtues, clean creatures who can easily be trained to use a litter box.

Each, she says, has its own personality. Some love to sit on your lap; they come when you call their name, and they're super smart.

Most importantly, Bertsch says, they are great pets.

She hopes one day Tribbles Rabbit Rescue can have a full-on shelter for the growing numbers of pet bunnies looking for a home.

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