Visit The Laundromat SF for New York-style bagels

ByJanel Andronico & Victoria Vallecorse Localish logo
Thursday, May 30, 2024
Here's where to get New York-style bagels in San Francisco
This SF spot has a line out of the door with people waiting for New York-style bagels.

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Laundromat SF has a long line of people waiting to get their hands on a variety of New York-style bagels.

Owned and operated by Long Island-native Kevin Rodgers, the popular spot makes pizzas by night and bagels during the day.

"Everybody knows that east coasters are very particular about their bagels, so there's always that kind of undercurrent of the importance of bagels," shared Rodgers. "It's just a staple food back home, it's something that we eat every day. It was just kind of a natural thing to be like, 'yeah, I want good bagels.'"

Kevin and his partner, Jenna, are the duo behind Holey Roller Bagels, a cult favorite at Farmers Markets. They expanded and opened up this shop where every bagel is organic, boiled, baked, and hand-rolled.

Kevin started making bagels at home during the pandemic.

"It went from doing 10 dozen to doing 20 dozen to doing 30 dozen in a matter of weeks," recalled Rodgers. "It was something that got traction really quick."

Customers can order a range of bagels from poppy seed to everything on pumpernickel. It's the texture-flavor combination that has visitors lined up around the block.

"What makes a really good flavor is the fermentation or proofing process. We want a minimum of 24 hours, we even extended that to 48 hours now," said Rodgers. "That will give it that really kind of nice crisp crust and chewy interior."

Rodgers added, "I can't believe how long people wait, thank you...thank you for being a part of the restaurant and coming here."

For more information, visit here.