Christie's Boucakes makes realistic cupcake bouquets too pretty to eat

ByJustyna Syska and Jordan Arseneau Localish logo
Thursday, May 30, 2024
Christie's Boucakes makes realistic cupcake bouquets too pretty to eat
Baker and mom of three, Christie Eenigenburg, decorates cupcakes to look like realistic flower bouquets!

LOWELL, Ind. -- In the world of buttercream cupcake artistry, Christies Boucakes stands out as a beacon of creativity and love.

The home-based bakery was founded by Christie Eenigenburg, a mother of three, who just wanted to do a fun activity with her children during a rainy spring break.

"We were just looking for something to brighten the mood, so we decided to bake cupcakes. Im like we're not just going to bake, we're going to find some awesome way to decorate these," said Eenigenburg, owner of Christie's Boucakes. "We started playing around with making flowers. And I posted it on Instagram people were just kind of blown away by it."

After the initial positive response from friends and family, Christie dedicated herself to perfecting her craft, igniting her creativity. Her work began to attract not only those close to her, but also expanded her clientele beyond familiar faces.

Christie's Boucakes is a one-person operation dedicated to elevating any event, from weddings and showers to birthdays and corporate events.

"Its not just flowers you're going to get, its flowers with a purpose," said Eenigenburg. "Its just something unique and adds that extra flare."

Christie doesn't ship her beautiful masterpieces because she wants to ensure they are not ruined in transit. She requires customers to pick up the pieces in person, a practice that has granted her the privilege of meeting numerous remarkable individuals and witnessing their heartfelt reactionssome even moved to tears. This experience has reinforced her faith in humanity.

"Its so fun to see the joy on peoples faces when they pick up their cupcakes," she said. "The feedback is so exciting. I pour so much of myself into these little art pieces."

For a sweet treat that's as tasty as it is gorgeous, choose Christie's Boucakes to make your celebration extra special. Eenigenburg also shares her knowledge and passion by offering classes.

Visit her website or follow her on Instagram @christiesboucakes for more information.