Philly GOP claims voter fraud, DA says no verified cases

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Philly GOP says they've received more than 200 complaints of potentially illegal voting activity, but the District Attorney is hitting back, saying his task force hasn't verified a single case of elections fraud in Philadelphia.

"Today I witnessed voter fraud," Brittany Foreman, a worker in the 52nd ward, says in a video posted on the Philly GOP's Twitter page.

The Philly GOP is crying foul, saying they've witnessed poll workers casting ballots for voters.

"Why was she going into the polling places, into the polling booth, with people to begin with?" attorney Linda Kerns of the GOP Philly said of one instance.

And they allege Republican poll watchers are being bullied and thrown out.

Kerns is in elections court, trying to put a stop to what the GOP argues is illegally voting.

"I think it is breaking the law," Kerns said.

The Philly GOP claims a group called the Hillary Voter Fraud Protection Team has been illegally assisting voters casting ballots.

"I wonder what they are trying to hide," Kerns said.

District Attorney Seth Williams, a Democrat, says his elections task force has fielded 68 calls, none of which he says were legitimate fraud.

"We have no founded complaints of intimidation, no founded complaints of voter fraud," Williams said.

Williams responded to this viral video of a person following a van, allegedly busing voters to the polls.

"There is nothing illegal about taking people to vote," Williams said.

The turnout for this election he says has been higher than normal, and not a single arrest has been made, or claim has been substantiated.

"We are here to ensure that every Philadelphian that wants to do so can vote, unencumbered, unimpeded, without threat or harassment by anyone," Williams said.

The DA says they have received about ten calls of machine malfunctions and no calls of people who are voting who are not residents.

He says there is not a single reason the results of today's election should be called into question.
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