'Wawa Jokester' serves up laughs every morning

EGG HARBOR TWP., N.J. (WPVI) -- For customers who stop by the Wawa off of English Creek Road in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, it is common knowledge that you may come in for a cup of coffee but you're going to get a whole lot more.

Diane Eaton, or Ms. Diane as her longtime customers like to call her, is Wawa's 'Day Brightener.'

She's been an employee for more than a decade. But for several years now, Ms. Diane has been brightening days her way by telling a different joke or riddle every morning.

"It's the belly laughs that I live for. I love it when they can walk away from here with a smile on their face," said Diane.

Returning customer Bonnie Hughes said everyone wants to know the joke of the day.

"You have to come for Ms. Diane's joke. Then I leave here and I call my husband while he's on his way to work and tell him. Then when I get to work, my friends at work are always like 'well, what's the joke!'" said Hughes.

Shana Dickerson of Egg Harbor Township said, "It literally makes my morning."

Training General Manager Thomas Kramer said he's there to help Diane whenever she she needs it.

"There's sometimes when she will say, 'Tom, I don't have a joke today' and so I'll run in the back and look something up for her real quick," said Kramer.

The saying is true, you never know what someone is going through. But often times something as simple as a joke could be just enough to get them through the day.

"There were times in my life, you know my dad passed away, you come in the morning and it would just change my whole mood for the day," said Bridget Healey of Egg Harbor Township. "To me she's just a treasure. She's an irreplaceable person. This corporation is so lucky to have a person like her."

We'll toast our coffee to you, Ms. Diane, the Wawa Jokester.
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