Commuters frustrated by SEPTA's snow schedule change

CENTER CITY (WPVI) -- With most of the snow that started on Sunday was out of here by the Monday morning commute, the roads weren't a problem for the majority of drivers.

But it was a different story for those who rely on SEPTA's rail system.

At Suburban Station there have been more people waiting to take a train than SEPTA expected because more people decided to brave the commute.

So while SEPTA was running on a modified Saturday schedule on Monday, many riders were frustrated while waiting to catch a train.

Some riders Action News spoke with decided to take an Uber or drive themselves in to work.

"I ended up driving in, and it took me faster to drive in than when my train would have arrived," said Kelly Mcamulty, who drove in from Bensalem to Center City.

With the anticipated snow fall totals, SEPTA said they made the call at around 5 p.m. Sunday to go on a modified schedule.

"If the snow totals had borne themselves out, we wouldn't have had as many travelers as we had this morning, and unfortunately once we commit to the schedule we have to keep going with it," said Scott Sauer, the assistant general manager of operations with SEPTA.

There are a few signs around the stations letting people know that SEPTAs's running on a modified schedule and SEPTA said they are looking into ways to better communicate modifications when they are made.
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