Local scientists say they've discovered a 5th season

With snow on the ground and temperatures plummeting, it might not feel like the first day of spring. But believe it or not, a team of local scientists says it is.

Even more surprising? They say it's all because of a newly discovered fifth season.

The group at Georgetown, Delaware think-tank Galvin Industries has been researching timekeeping systems for nearly a decade.

They say they have come up with a "revolutionary new calendar system" that corrects the problems with the traditional Gregorian calendar.

The scientists believe dividing the 365-day year into five 73-day units will create uniformity, eliminating minor issues like your birthday changing days of the week or the extra week we sometimes have between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So what does that mean for the seasons?

The group's new system includes:

-Winter from December 21st to March 3rd.
-Spring from March 4th to May 15th.
-Summer from May 16th to July 27th.
-Then comes the new addition, Autumn, which is from July 28th to October 8th.
-And finally Fall, from October 9th to December 20th.
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