Groomers explain Westminster Dog Show winner's wild haircut

NEW YORK (WPVI) -- Any casual dog lover watching the Westminster Dog Show was probably thinking the same thing, Siba the Poodle, the champion hailing from Allentown, has a wild haircut.

Dog groomers are thinking the same thing.

With grooming, there's never one way of doing it. There's always your own way and normally that's why the groomers are very artistic," said Caitlin Monahan, the owner of Blue Pooch Grooming in Newtown.

She said of the look, "typically, it's a shorter body with fuller legs and there are two balls on the back."

Monahan is an expert groomer. She's also worked on show dogs before.

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Siba, the standard poodle, competes for Best in Show during the 144th Westminster Kennel Club dog show, Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020, in New York.

AP Photo/John Minchillo

"For poodle cuts, they come in every 6-8 weeks. For the show grooming, they come in every week to get brushed out," she said.

Monahan is also very familiar with that kind of poodle; in fact, one of Siba's relatives is always in her shop. Tripp the Poodle is the new pup of one of the other groomers there, Kate Woolsey.

Woolsey says she and Tripp watched the dog show, and she has a feeling her pup knew who was on the screen.

"We were screaming in the house last night when she won actually," she said.

Woosley explained that at one time, Tripp was going to be a show dog as well, but she's glad to make him part of her family now.

"I've always wanted a standard, especially one that's well-bred and has a good quality hair coat, which will be very nice if I do go into the competition and grooming world," she said.
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