Officials say suburbs spared significant damage from winter storm

WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Whether by plow or by hand, people around the Philadelphia region spent Tuesday morning digging themselves out of the snowstorm that tumbled into the tri-state area.

"I normally hate shoveling but my mom just got this electric shovel here and it's actually worked wonders, and I've been having a grand ol' time," said Tori Perko of West Chester.

People described different methods to address the snow, like Billy Hewson who said he shovels frequently.

Tips for preventing snow shoveling injuries
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"I like to get it off as soon as I can just because once it freezes up, it's a bigger job," said Hewson.

Efraim Nathan of Wynnewood said he pulls his car to an island down the street so he doesn't have to shovel twice.

"I leave the car on so it melts underneath it and then I just, I just slide it off and the car is clean in like 10 minutes," said Nathan. "I don't have to do really much."

Tips for driving on slick winter roads
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Montgomery County officials said they were spared the typical destruction that comes with a winter storm. The county logged about 250 accidents and 300 disabled vehicles since noon Sunday through midday Tuesday.

"We did get a little bit lucky with it being drawn out and having that lull yesterday morning allowed people who did intend to go out and get something done," said Todd Stieritz, Montgomery County Public Affairs Coordinator.

Chester County officials said they had normal 911 call volume with limited impacts from the storm. Officials are advising residents to stay off the roads so plows can continue to remove the snow.
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