'Amor' sculpture unveiled at Philadelphia Museum of Art

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015
VIDEO: Amor statue unveiled at Art Museum
'Amor' sculpture unveiled at Art Museum ahead of Pope Francis' visit.

PHILADELPHIA -- Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia is bringing an extra dose of love. Make that amor.

A bilingual version of pop artist Robert Indiana's "LOVE" sculpture with the leaning letter O was unveiled Tuesday morning atop the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, just before the start of the World Meeting of Families.

Amor means love in the pope's native Spanish and in Latin, a traditional language of the Roman Catholic Church.

Indiana created the "AMOR" sculpture in 1998 as a nod to changing demographics. It's on loan to Philadelphia and will be placed about a mile across the Benjamin Franklin Parkway from the original "LOVE" sculpture at JFK Plaza, which went on display in 1976.

Pope Francis arrives in Philadelphia Sept. 26. A million people or more are expected to fill the parkway for his Sept. 27 Mass.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.