Philly organization that helps teens impacted by gun violence needs home base

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Every Thursday Youth Empowerment for Advancement Hangout, also known as YEAH Philly, hands out fresh fruits and vegetables along with pet food at 58th Street and Willows Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia.

Operating out of rec centers in some of the city's most violent neighborhoods, YEAH Philly is looking for a home base to continue helping teens directly impacted by gun violence.

One of the many locations it's eyeing, the 52nd Street corridor, an area that just last week was hard hit by protests, riots and looting.

"We work with over 200 teens who willingly want to participate and even though we're only two people and are with young people a lot it's not enough," said Kendra Van de Water, co-founder of YEAH Philly.

"Corridors like 52nd Street, we have high rates of crime. A lot of young people hang out on the corners and it's a business corridor. There's really not a lot of youth programming," said Van de Water.

Programming that could help rebuild some of the most underserved communities.

City rent isn't cheap. Van de Water and her co-founder have pulled together all their resources and hope to secure a location in the coming months.
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