Chicago 5 year old credited with saving more than a dozen people from fire

CHICAGO (WPVI) -- A five year old in Chicago is being credited with saving more than a dozen people from a fire.

Jayden Espinosa was having a sleepover at his aunt's apartment and woke up before everyone else Saturday morning.

He was watching TV when he smelled smoke. Officials said his quick thinking rescued everyone in the structure, including his two sisters.

"I yelled to my auntie there was fire and the fire was coming from the ceiling. And it was rushing down and down and down," he said.

Jaden's mother Tracey Espinoza said he was already downstairs before they could get out, but he was knocking on the other doors in the building.

"Yeah. (He was) trying to make sure everyone got out and I was thankful because I didn't expect that of him to be the hero. To save everyone's life. He said 'I saved everyone!'" she said.

Chicago fire officials said the blaze might have been caused by a cigarette, but Tracey Espinoza was told a mattress near the apartment was set on fire.

Authorities aren't saying the fire was set on purpose.

In all, Jayden was able to help 13 people evacuate safely.
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