Dodgers fan on life support after he was hit in stadium parking lot during game

LOS ANGELES (WPVI) -- A fight at a Dodger Stadium parking lot during Friday night's game left a 45-year-old man with critical injuries.

Shocked and heartbroken Christel Reyna says her husband, Rafael Reyna, is on life support after suffering severe injuries during a fight at Dodger Stadium.

"Someone needs to come forward. I know people saw it. I heard them I know people saw it!" said Christel Reyna. "He was hit and his head hit the ground and caused a skull fracture and now His brain swelling and he has bleeding on the brain"

Christel says she was on the phone late Friday night with her husband. The Dodgers fan was in a parking lot, leaving the stadium when she heard a woman and a man arguing with him.

"I was hearing the arguing happening and then I heard like a smack, a crack, it sounded like a baseball bat and then I heard him start moaning," she said.

Christel's 22-year-old son and other family members have gathered at county USC Medical Center. She hasn't yet told her younger children, ranging in age from eleven to fifteen, about their father's condition.

"They're going to go in there and they're going to see him with tubes coming out... that's not the daddy they know," she said.

Police say the fight happened sometime after midnight.

Christel Reyna urging anyone who witnessed the altercation or knows the people involved to come forward.

"It hurts my heart this isn't supposed to happen," she said. "This isn't how you're supposed to live your life!"
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