What's The Deal: New ways to use cosmetic fillers

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- For years, fillers have been a mainstay of cosmetic improvement, but they do a lot more than smooth out wrinkles or plump cheeks.

Nurse injectors are now using them to strategically sculpt faces without the downtime.

"I've always had a round face, and I've been very self-conscious," says patient, Holly Anderson.

Holly Anderson always thought her jawline made her look overweight, even though she isn't. She wanted improvement, but not a radical change.

Jen Perry of Center City's Body and Beauty Lab, which is powered by Jefferson Health, says fillers like Juvederm Voluma allow her to define jawlines for a variety of issues.

"It can really camouflage a heavier neck and it makes your face look very youthful," says aesthetics nurse, Jen Perry.

And for unwanted jowls, she can sculpt the jawline.

"You build up behind it, and in front of it, and sometimes the chin," says Perry.

Perry uses a conventional syringe and a cannula - a thin, flexible tube that slides under the skin - to put filler precisely where she wants it. A numbing agent makes it a painless process.

Within minutes, Holly's finished.

"I can't believe I could see the results this fast, I thought it might take a week," says Anderson.

And those results should last 2 years.

Emily Heisler was tired of looking tired under her eyes and she wanted a fix before her upcoming wedding.

"I just wanted to look like I was really well rested," says Heisler

Perry says this can be accomplished by targeting the tear trough area.

"As people age, they lose volume under their eyes. It can cause some shadowing, some hollowing, it can cause that empty look right here," says Perry.

Using a cannula to gently place the Restylane prevents the bruising and bleeding that regular needles can cause. She massages the filler into place for a look that could last 9 months to a year.

"They're immediate and it feels great already," says Heisler.

Emily's eye improvement costs about $550.

Jawlifts are more expensive - it depends how many syringes of filler are needed.

Holly needed 2, at $900 a piece.

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