71-year-old faces fear of water with humor

QUINCY, Mass. (WPVI) -- A 71-year-old woman tests her fear of water one step at a time.

Melanie Gillespie captured this hilarious video of her sister-in-law Claire Dunne testing out the backyard swimming pool in Quincy, Massachusetts.

" Oh Lord Help Me!" says Claire Dunne. Unfamiliar with the fine art of swimming, Claire shrieks and laughs as she lowers
herself into the water in full clothing.

Her reaction to the depth and temperature of the water is priceless. Exiting the water for Claire is equally challenging.

She eventually pulls herself out of the pool amidst the contagious laughter. Gillespie told Storyful that Dunne, "hasn't been in the water since and says she won't ever go in again."
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