Elderly woman who missed flight told to share hotel room with stranger

Two passengers miss a connecting flight.

An airline steps in to make it right, offering both people a hotel room for the night until they can get on the next flight the next day.

Problem is, they offered them the same room with one bed and they're complete strangers.

One of the passengers is a 71-year-old woman, the other was a man half her age.

This was the scenario this weekend courtesy of Air Canada.

The woman's daughter explains the mess, "The airline agent said 'okay, we just have one room available and you will share it with this guy.' The guy was also shocked, he said, 'but I don't know her' and my mom said, 'I don't know the guy'."

Hours after talking on the phone with Air Canada, the woman's daughter said the airline found her mother another room.

Air Canada says this is not their policy and apologized for the mix up.
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