Some uncertainty as Philadelphia gets ready to enter green phase

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia is expected to fully move to the green phase on July 3. Employees who've been back on the job during the yellow phase are not sure what to expect.

We found many city and privately owned buildings only allowing four people on the elevators, masks are required. Two measures that are likely to continue.

Becca Hart and Amanda Pasquale work on Market Street in Center City

Hart says, "We came back 2-3 weeks ago, there aren't many people in the building. I would say we are one of five offices right now of the 300 in the building."

"There's a lot of elevators, it's not that hard to get in an elevator by yourself when there is not that many people," Pasquale added.

An Action News analysis of cell phone data found people are currently moving at roughly half the rate they did pre-COVID-19. An increase is likely in the green phase.

While some states like Florida and Arizona have seen an explosion in cases after aggressively opening up, Action News found here in Pennsylvania, counties that moved to green already, most have only seen a small spike in cases. Bradford and Lebanon counties are two areas that saw steep increases.

In Center City, people expect parking spaces to become more scarce and commutes a little longer.

Lenore Capri is planning ahead.

"It's quiet right now, but I know it's going to be a lot hectic and just give ourselves time with our commute," said Capri.

City officials say they are still working on guidance for the green phase.
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