Discipline, targeted measures help contain COVID-19, WHO officials say

Officials with the World Health Organization say it is never too late to turn the pandemic around and contain the virus.

They're following the data from around the world and looking at countries struggling to contain the virus, including the United States, but also looking at what's working.

WHO officials say it takes discipline and targeted measures to contain the virus.

New research shows not everyone infected with COVID-19 passes it onto someone else - it's a select population.

"There's really good estimates out there that suggest between 10 to 20 percent of cases are responsible for 80 percent of transmission and that's really important," said Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove.

It's important because it gives us a clearer picture where the virus is most likely to spread.

"Crowded spaces, closed places, areas where there are close contact settings - nightclubs, social gatherings, churches," said Dr. Michael Ryan.

And that includes homes. In the Philadelphia area, local health officials say they're seeing a trend of young people in their 20s infected while out socializing and then spreading the virus to older family members in the household.

That's why it's vital everyone take precautions. In Japan they're telling residents avoid the three C's:

- Closed spaces
- Crowded places
- Close contact settings

"And when they're in those situations and can't avoid those situations, they're given more instructions to open windows for ventilation, minimize conversation, wear masks," said Dr. Michael Ryan.

The WHO also talked about finding case zero, when the novel coronavirus passed from animal to human. They say it will be difficult to narrow down, but will help prevent it from happening again.
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