99-year-old snow angel maker is also a real life "Rosie the Riveter"

Trate is a mother of three and grew up as a milkmaid on a farm in Berks County.
BERKS COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- At the height of the recent snowstorm that impacted the Philadelphia region, a pretty remarkable 99-year-old woman from Birdsboro, Berks County, was introduced to Action News.

Dorothy Trate was caught on video making snow angels, but that's only the beginning of how energetic and inspirational this woman truly is.

Trate will turn 100 years old on July 9. She is a treasure trove of wisdom and fun.

During the recent snowstorm, she made her very first snow angel. She was also wearing the snow pants she's had since she was a teenager in the 1930s.

"I was just lying in the snow doing my snow angels," Trate said. "That was a neat feeling. So neat. The snow was going down on my face. I just wish I laid there longer. I'm glad that people are inspired by that action."

Trate is a mother of three and grew up as a milkmaid on a farm in Berks County.

She's also is a force of nature. Her son, Tom, documents her work, which includes: shoveling snow, stacking wood, raking leaves, and even using a sledgehammer.

During World War II, she was also a 'Rosie the Riveter,' or as she calls herself 'Dottie the Punch Press Operator,' helping with sheet metal that would be used on airplanes.

During her interview with Action News, Trate wore her original uniform from the 1940s.

"Back then, you did your job, and that was it," Trate said. "Now, 'Rosies' have gotten so famous. I don't feel famous. I feel like I've done my job."

What is Trate's secret to a long life? Be positive and love everybody.

She adds her secret to fitting into the uniform and snow pants more than 70 years later is walking.

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