Jessica Boyington visits Philly breweries - including one with the mother of all sandwiches!

Check out Sterling Pig Brewing Company and Human Robot Brewery!

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Sunday, September 18, 2022
Jessica Boyington concludes her tour of Philly breweries
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Check out Sterling Pig Brewing Company and Human Robot Brewery!

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Are you a beer lover? Then step right up! I'm trying some of the top breweries around...and the only way to know for sure is to try them all!

I paid a visit to Sterling Pig Brewing Company's production facility in Media, where they brew 2,500 barrels of beer each year.

The brewery just marked its 7th anniversary, and since I didn't want to be rude, I celebrated trying half the menu!

I started with a big gulp of the September IPA. They also make all their food right in house, like their mussels in a white pilsner broth, "pit master pizza" right out of the brick oven with brisket, jalapeños, and red onion, the salmon of your dreams on their "brewer salad", and ALL the BBQ you can handle!

Next stop,Human Robot Brewery in Old Kensington. They've been open for a little less than three years, and developed a huge fan base in that short time, producing 5,000 kegs a year!

After tasting their passionfruit-pineapple splash, I decided that I love a sour beer. The Hallertau Pils is their most popular, followed by the Czech 10 Lager, and their Hazy IPA.

There's a window for Poe's sandwich shop too, and these sandwiches are no joke. I tried the "Soul Girl", a Korean fried chicken sandwich with a side of loaded fries.

Then there was the mother of all sandwiches. The sandwich that all other sandwiches should strive to be..." The Hamilton." It's a chicken cutlet, crunchy bacon, cooper sharp cheddar cheese, homemade ranch dressing, and crispy french fries mashed in.

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