At Home With Adam - Personalized Garden Rocks & Signs

Adam's House (WPVI) -- Being stuck at home for months has brought on many challenges, including trying to entertain the kiddos. It has been made harder by the chilly, wet spring, because we love to spend time out in our garden.

Our kids love creating artwork and showing it off. They also love being in the garden, digging in the dirt, planting seeds and veggies and learning how hard work pays off with fresh produce.

To combine these passions, I thought handmade rocks and signs would be the perfect way to brighten up our gardens. We decorate each garden as a family and make sure the kids have input. We are far from artists, so the more raw and real, the better. Throughout the summer season when, and if, friends or family visit, they will look at the colorful creations and we will remember the fun project. I know the kids will feel proud of their work.

I got this idea after building my raised vegetable garden beds. The new organized look, with a dedicated spot for each type of veggie, deserved a special look. I bought small blank reclaimed wood planks that we could write vegetable names on. Then we'd attach them to a wood stake and insert them into each raised bed. I also thought it would be fun to find rocks in the yard, clean them, and paint them. .

I am making my own signs from wood planks and wood sticks, but there are pre-made signs that also look great. You just need to search for "plant label signs" online. They come in so many different materials, including chalkboard, plastic, and wood. You can find scrap wood pieces, like shims or cedar roofing planks that are broken and unsellable and ask if you can have them free or at a discount. Searching online can bring wonders. Honestly, any material with a flat surface will work. I like the old, distressed look. Another tip is to get those free wood paint stirring sticks and use them as stakes.

  • Rocks from the yard

  • Any blank wood signs or garden labels (you can just search "plant label signs")

  • Waterproof paint and brushes, or paint pens for wood and rocks. I bought oil paint marker pens for the wood signs. I also used outdoor acrylic paint for the rocks.

  • Gorilla glue or small nails if you are making your own signs (but the plant label signs are one unit and no need to assemble)

  • Urethane to seal any paint or wood signs you create.

  • Find rocks, wash, and dry.

  • Paint with either oil or water based, waterproof, outdoor paint or paint pens.

  • Let them dry if using real paint. The pens dry immediately. I used Artiqo paint pens.

  • After you paint them, write messages if you want on the rocks. Have fun with patterns and sayings. We even named the plants.

  • Whether you use wood signs prepaid or make them yourself, the paint pens are amazing and need NO time to dry.

  • Have fun with the signs, draw the veggie and write its name. Kids can see the picture and learn how to spell.

  • If you are using wood, when it is dry, spray it with Spar Urethane to seal it from the outdoor elements.

  • I bought my reclaimed wood planks online (search "weathered rustic planks 5.5"x12") and the wood stakes at a home improvement store (1/2in. x 2in. x 4 ft S4S Oak Board). You can cut them in half and get two stakes out of one and they are cheap!

  • I used Gorilla Glue to attach the plank to the wood stake and it was perfect! You can easily use a small nail or two to attach them.

  • You can see more of what I have been doing to stay healthy and happy at my Facebook page. or here on the At Home With Adam webpage.
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