At Home With Adam - You can make your own barometer and try your hand at forecasting the weather

Adam's House (WPVI) -- Here's a fun one - of course, as a meteorologist, I'm a little biased, but this is still a fun project to do with your kids, while learning a little more about the weather and how to make your own forecasts.


  • Glass mason jar or empty can of beans/tomato sauce

  • 1 balloon

  • 1 Rubber band

  • Scissors

  • Tape and or glue

  • 1 straw

  • Pin or paperclip

  • Piece of paper or large construction paper

  • Marker or crayon

  • Make sure the glass jar or empty tin can is clean and dry.

  • Cut the top off the balloon (the part which you blow into).

  • Stretch the balloon over the top of the jar and place a rubber band over the lip of the jar to hold the balloon into place.

  • Take the straw and on one end either take a piece of tape, or better glue, and adhere it to the middle of the balloon. You want at least one third of the straw to hang over the edge.

  • Then with a pin, or open a paperclip so it is straight, insert it into the end of the straw (not the balloon side). You are welcome to glue this too.

  • Take a piece of paper and tape it to a wall. Then draw a line where the needle is pointing straight. This is your baseline. Make sure your barometer is on a flat surface and the needle is ALMOST touching the paper, but is NOT touching it. Never move or touch any part of the barometer for a couple weeks.

  • Every few days, or especially if a big storm passes through, take a look and see if the needle has moved up or down. If it has, mark it and put the date.

  • You can see more of what I have been doing to stay healthy and happy at my Facebook page. or here on the At Home With Adam webpage.
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