At Home With Adam - Build the perfect planters with these three words

Adam's House (WPVI) -- When it comes to filling a planter, there are three simple rules to remember: THRILLER, FILLER, and SPILLER.

It does not matter the size or shape of the container, the rule stands for them all.

When filling a planter with potting soil, I like to put a thin layer of rocks at the bottom to filter the water. You will want to make sure there is a hole drilled at the bottom for the water to drain out.

The thriller is the item that stands out when you gaze at your masterpiece, typically towering high above the soil line.

The filler is made up of the plants that hug the middle space of the planter to close in all the gaps.

The spiller is the plants that hang over, or trickle down the sides of the planter.

I have attempted many different types of plants for my pots over the years, some work well, others not so much.

Fighting deer, groundhogs, and rabbits has been one of the biggest challenges. If you do not protect the plants, the critters can mow down a colorful creation in a single night.

I do have some tips on which plants work the best in containers, and you can copy this exactly for your pots.

But if you want to be original and creative, I recommend you try something fun, just remember the three simple rules so when you hit up a nursery you can ask for the thriller, filler, and spiller.

This is a more "watch the video" project than following these written steap, but these are the items I use - feel free to add, subtract, or change any of them to make it your own:

THRILLER: Dalhia, Tall Zinnia, Hibiscus Tree, Dwarf Banana, Canna Dracaena Spike

FILLER: Sunpatien, Petunia, Begonia (sun loving), Sedum, Coleus, Setcresea, Ageratum

SPILLER: Wave Petunia, Verbena, Ivy, Sweet Potato Vine (mixed colors)

Deer Love: Hibiscus, Impatien, Sweet Potato Vine, at times Petunia

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