One shopping day left

December 24, 2007 6:18:07 AM PST
Ok, procrastinators. You've got one more day to scratch the last names off of your holiday shopping list. Waiting until the last minute may actually pay off today, because holiday shopping profits have fallen short of expectations, and retailers are trying to entice you with deep discounts.

They're also opening early...

The stores are all closing at 6 tonight, so if you haven't shopped yet you're seriously running out of time. By all accounts this has not been a gangbuster Christmas shopping season for most retailers. So the push to get last-minute shoppers into the malls is really on. In addition to extended hours, stores are offering deep discounts.

Last-minute ideas: Gift certificates that you can print out from online retailers at home. Gift cards - some grocery stores and convenience stores have racks of them. Or a donation to charity in someone's honor.