Driver rams house in Delaware

January 2, 2008 3:38:53 PM PST
While workers cleaned up outside, Rebecca Harris was inside her house sizing up a big New Years day mess.On New Years Day, a car almost went through her house located on Newark's Apple Road. It happened around noon time, and police say alcohol was not a factor, but inexperience was.

It seems the 43-year-old driver had only a learner's permit when he got behind the wheel alone and drove towards Harris' house, hitting a mailbox along the way. Police suspect De Ping Xue lost control after looking back to see the damage done to the mailbox.

Harris and her husband were away for New Years, but a friend was inside at the time.

"He thought it was a heater explosion and came down and the storm door was on the steps and bricks were everywhere and, obviously, there was a car in the living room," Harris said.

Even though her house has been deemed uninhabitable, Harris is happy no one was hurt by her uninvited new years day visitor.

Anyone with a learner's permit in Delaware should be accompanied by a licensed driver. The driver in this case will be charged with breaking that law and others related to what happened.