Edwards: Iowa shows voters want change

January 3, 2008 7:21:20 PM PST
Democrat John Edwards told The Associated Press that the Iowa caucus showed that voters are choosing change over the status quo, and he vowed a vigorous campaign into New Hampshire. Edwards, who lost a close race to Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, said he would continue running as the candidate for middle-class Americans. Edwards finished second and Hillary Rodham Clinton was a close third.

"I mean, we were grotesquely outspent in Iowa five-to-one and the fact that I'm as strong as I am now under these circumstances indicates that this message of change and standing up to corporate greed and fighting for the middle class and jobs really matters," the 2004 vice presidential nominee said in an interview with The Associated Press He said he would distinguish himself from Obama in New Hampshire by arguing that he is the candidate who can deliver the change that voters have shown they want.

"I"m going to fight for that change," he said via telephone from his hotel room in Iowa. "I've fought for it my entire life. I have a long history of fighting powerful interests and winning."

"What's clear from the Iowa caucus results is that change won and the status quo lost," Edwards said. "And the fight is now to see if we are going to get the change we need to save the middle class in this country."