Rite Aid gunmen caught on video

January 15, 2008 6:13:49 AM PST
The manhunt continues for the trio of drugstore bandits who struck in Northeast Philadelphia. It happened at the Rite Aid 4018 Woodhaven Road on Sunday. Police have now released surveillance video that they hope will help lead to the capture of the gun-toting holdup men.

It was a particularly violent robbery. The brazen armed narcotics robbery left one woman wounded and a number of people shaken.

Surveillance video of 3 masked gunmen showed them wearing full ski masks and armed with a shotgun and two handguns, the trio commandeered the store, ordering two employees at the front counter to the back.

The video shows sparks blasting from the barrel of the shotgun as it's fired. Ricocheting pellets hit the 23-year-old clerk in the face and arm.

The suspects then took everybody in the store, employees and customers, and tied them up in a back room with wire ties. The pharmacist was ordered to open a safe that stores schedule one drugs, which are powerful narcotics. One robber stuffed the drugs into a bag they brought with them.

They fled through a back door where the black or dark blue Cadillac they got out of in front of the store before the robbery, was then waiting behind the store. Two of the suspects wore black jackets; one was about 6 foot 3. All wore black ski masks and gloves. They left the store without taking any cash.

The store is still taking inventory, and police are on the lookout to see if any of the drugs surface on the street. Police say they don't believe the robbery is connected to a serial robber who's been doing the same thing.