Britt Reid pleads guilty

January 17, 2008 8:26:16 PM PST
Britt Reid pleaded guilty to drunk driving and possesion of illegal drugs on Thursday.Britt Reid boarded the bus back to prison after admitting guilt in the so-called Dick's Sporting Goods incident.

In the store's parking lot last summer, an intoxicated Reid drove his truck into shopping carts.

The day also saw a letter from Reid's lawyer asking the football coach's son get an early parole from his earlier armed road rage incident.

"I think he's very sincere that he wants to be placed in the drug court and to move forward," Joseph Toogood, Reid's defense attorney, said.

The defense plan is to get Reid out of jail early and into drug court, a high regarded program for addicts. It requires frequent drug tests, and a clean and sober lifestyle.

However, the prosecution says it has evidence that apparently questions Reid's desire to participate in the rigorous program.

"He said he wanted drug court at his sentencing; he said he wanted drug court at the last listing in this case, and in between the two, he said something else," Senior Deputy Attorney General Marc Constanzo said.

The prosecution won't say what the evidence is, but will say that it came from Reid's own lips. A parole hearing is expected in the coming weeks.