Local woman celebrates 106th birthday

January 25, 2008 12:30:30 PM PST
Jeanette Holland, who's lovingly referred to as 'Grandmom' by all who know her, celebrated her 106th birthday with family, staff and fellow residents yesterday at the Burlington Woods Nursing Center.

Jeanette has always been talented with her hands, whether it was working in a Philadelphia cigar factory rolling cigars, working at a clothing factory, or just playing the piano.

But it's her musical talents and deep religious beliefs that have made the sweet harmony in her life. Jeanette was the organist for the Methodist Church in Camden for several decades.

"She continued to play the piano, entertaining her fellow residents until 3 months ago" said Kim Dorety, Manager of Marketing at Burlington Woods.

Born in Boston in 1902, Jeanette's family moved to Camden, NJ, where she spent most of her life. She has been a resident of Burlington Woods for almost 4 years now.

'Grandmom' had 5 children, 4 sons and 1 daughter, she has 3 surviving sons, and Jeanette has 15 grandchildren and too many great grandchildren to count.