Teenagers fall through ice

January 30, 2008 4:36:56 PM PST
On Tuesday, on a pond on Mapleflower Road in Glenmoore, a day of ice hockey became a harrowing experienceFive teenagers were playing ice hockey on the pond behind Mike Melillo's home.

Mike says he just happened to look out a back window when he saw one of the boys fall through the ice, right in the middle of the pond.

That young man was 16-year-old Nick Roberts.

"I started feeling the ice moving and then I just looked down and my foot was going in. I just started trying to break the ice and get out. I tried to get on top of the ice and get myself out," Nick Roberts said.

In a matter of seconds, Nick was in the freezing water up to his neck.

Mike had already run to his basement, grabbed a long rope and ran to the water's edge as his wife called 911.

"In a split second, I felt I was from upstairs down to the pond with the rope. It was totally adrenaline the whole time," Mike said.

A second teenager fell into the water trying to save Nick.

Mike then told the remaining three to form a human chain and toss the rope to Nick and his friend.

It worked and they were pulled to safety.

A few minutes later, everyone was inside Mike's house freezing, but safe, waiting for the paramedics.

"I'm very thankful he was there and could help," Roberts said.

"I'm glad I saw him and I'm glad it ended the way it did." Melillo said.