Hit & run injures man in Center City

February 22, 2008 9:24:18 PM PST
A hit and run accident in Center City seriously injured a man on Friday night. "I just saw a car flash by and I thought it was a gunshot, so I ducked down and I saw a body fly from here to there," said Tamika Cameron.

Witnesses say it was sometime after 6:15 at 9th and Market Streets that a car traveling east on Market at a high rate of speed plowed into a pedestrian crossing the street and kept going.

"I didn't see him get hit, but I saw him flying across the road, and it was awful," said Joy Jackson.

"And I ran across the street, both of us ran across the street and we looked at the body and he was just on the ground and his body was really twisted up," said Cameron.

The victim was taken to Jefferson Hospital in very critical condition. His name was not released.

The vehicle was described as possibly a red or burgundy Mazda Millenia. Police recovered at least one piece of the vehicle.

"I was in disbelief that he didn't stop and I figured that maybe he would get down the road and he would circle down here, but I waited out here a good 10 minutes and he never came back," said Jackson.

The perpetrator could not have picked a worse street to hit somebody and try to get away with it. That's because the hit and run accident may have been captured by at least three Homeland Security cameras on the Federal building at 9th and Market.

Police will attempt to secure that videotape to see just how much detail it may provide in their investigation. They ask anyone who may have witnessed the accident to please call the Accident Investigation Division at 215-685-3180.