Suspect killed in confrontation with police

February 26, 2008 5:08:23 AM PST
A chase and shooting ended with an undercover officer killing a fleeing drug suspect in Philadelphia.

Police identified the suspect as 38-year-old John Styles of North Philadelphia.

The chase ended near the intersection of 16th and Swain in the city's Fairmount section around 1:40 Monday afternoon. That's where police shot the person they'd been chasing, and that's where the suspect died.

An eye witness tells Action News, "The cops were basically chasing him. When they saw him running back on foot he had a gun in his hand. He went to go raise the gun and the cop then shot him. One shot and he went down to the ground."

Police say two undercover officers were pursuing Styles at high speed from North Philadelphia. But suddenly he jumped from his van and charged towards the officers with a weapon in hand.

Commissioner Ramsey detailed the event by saying, "The perpetrator got out of the car. They announced their office, he attempted to run, turned, he had a gun in his hand. They fired one round, which struck him fatally."

Police recovered a .380 handgun next to the suspect's body.

A witness by the name of John was almost caught in the crossfire. He saw the chase coming the wrong way down 16th Street and was just feet away from police when the fatal shot was fired. He says the suspect was about to raise the gun, but police never gave him the opportunity.