All ages welcome at Flower Show

March 6, 2008 3:47:14 PM PST
The 2008 family-friendly Flower Show is getting off a great start and is definitely a feast for the senses.Flowers and fountains dominate the family friendly 'Jazz It Up" theme of this year's show. There's plenty here that keep the kids jumping from one exhibit to another.

"There are frogs playing instruments in the water and there's goldfish swimming around them," 7-year-old Hunter Lehman said.

"The trumpet looks like a shower," 7-year-old Hannah Snyder said.

Dog topiaries, froggie fountains, and live coy fish are just some of the animals at this year's Flower Show.

There are also flower arrangements that don't fit the typical mold.

"Flowers make up everything like balls and mats," 10-year-old Brooke Davis.

"You get to walk around and see all different kinds of flowers that you haven't seen before," 10-year-old David DiGregorio said.

The marketplace has kid-friendly offerings from flowers to butterflies and more.

"I want to see a Venus flytrap," 9-year-old Emily Pascile said.

Camden's children garden has a full scale of things for the little ones to explore, including drums, bells, tunnels, and steps.

Children have a chance to play, to learn, and to experience their environment like they wouldn't at any other circumstances," Alan Jaffe of P.H.S Public Relations said.

If the tots could use a timeout, there's the children's lounge, complete with books, crafts, and toy house.

"I think it's an absolutely wonderful idea; it's a great place to come with your kids," Karen Freaf of Douglasville, Pa. said.

Families are also entitled to discounted tickets.