Injury forces Itzhak Perlman to cancel concert

March 7, 2008 6:17:45 PM PST
Itzhak Perlman has canceled a concert because of a shoulder injury. The 62-year-old Israeli-American violinist, who in 2003 was treated for a rotator cuff tear on his right shoulder, was to perform Sunday at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

On Thursday, his agent called to say he needed to cancel because of shoulder inflammation, said Kimberly Mouser, assistant director of the Concert Series.

"We are canceling the performance this weekend but are looking for another date with the hope of rescheduling as soon as possible," said Elizabeth Sobol, Perlman's manager.

Perlman's recordings have won 15 Grammy awards. Last month, he won a Grammy Award for lifetime achievement. He was the soloist in John Williams' Oscar-winning score for "Schindler's List."