Morning Team visits GMA

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March 13, 2008 8:05:26 AM PDT
We arrived at Times Square at about 6:30 on a Tuesday morning.An assistant led us to the "green room," which was actually more blue than green (note: some people think the origin of the term green room is from Shakespearean days, when actors and actresses would wait in a room filled with plants; they apparently thought moisture from the greenery was good for their voices).

Other guests who were going to appear on the network program were preparing for their interviews. There was a nice breakfast tray with fruit and bagels. There was a Wii, and a pinball machine.

Yes, a Good Morning America pinball machine with the program's hosts serving as obstacles. I scored 14,000,000 points on my first try. Fourteen mil, I say!

After GMA signed off, we stepped into the studio and met Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts. Tam already knew them from her days at ABC News, but for me, I only knew them from watching them every morning (just like you do).

That changed fast.

Diane, Robin, the whole GMA crew in fact, couldn't have been more gracious hosts.

We hope this solidifies what our viewers already know: Action News and Good Morning America are your best sources for what is going on around the world, and here at home, every weekday morning.

Make sure you take a look at the slideshow, which shares some of the still pictures we took that morning. Plus, you can view the promo itself. Those options are located in the box on the upper portion of this page.

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