Treats for the troops

March 15, 2008 3:59:03 PM PDT
Some local troops serving in Iraq are about to get some special packages from home. More than 400 gift packages are being delivered to them.

"We were looking for a project that would get the whole community involved," said Joseph Decerbo of the Atco Lion's Club.

"It's a great feeling because a lot of people that put the money up are local people. In other words, they have contacts in Iraq, so it's bringing the town together," said Anthony Maressa.

This is the second weekend morning this crew has gotten out of bed early and sacrificed hours in their day to let our troops know that people back home know exactly what they're sacrificing every day.

"It's been overwhelming for me because I've been receiving most of the emails and most of the mail. Most of the people writing the letters don't even know the soldiers. It's just so overwhelming to me how thankful they are for what they're doing for us," said Carol Knoll.

In the box is some beef jerky, peanut butter crackers, fig newtons and M&M's.

The volunteers say they were surprised by how appreciative some of the troops were, even for a small gesture.

On top of the treats there is also a letter:

"We recognize and appreciate the sacrifice you make each day to protect the USA and we hope you enjoy this box of snacks. God bless you, all our troops and the United States of America."

Volunteers say as long as the troops continue serving, they'll continue sending packages and their thanks.